Julius Thissen is an artistic researcher based in Arnhem (NL) mainly focused on investigating LGBTQIA+ topics. He creates performances, develops exhibitions, research projects and he offers guidance. For more detailed information, see below.


In his artistic practice Julius creates performances that investigate masculine stereotypes rooted in popular culture, linked to contemporary performance driven culture and the influence of social expectations on our behaviour. With his work he aims to create narratives that investigate performing, representation and failure. These stories mostly take the form of public speaking, video works and photographic series. His work has been nominated for the Hendrik Valk Price, Arnhemse Nieuwe and the Warsteiner Blooom Awards. In 2017/2018 Julius received the Stipendium for Emerging Artists from the Mondriaan Fund. To view images, click here.


In his curatorial practice he aims to bring together researchers and artists to investigate contemporary relations between art, activism and politics. Julius organizes a range of exhibitions and LGBTQIA+ community based research projects. He is particularly interested in effectively diversifying and creating inclusion in the creative industry. His latest research project is WHY AM I HERE?, developed in partnership with Alice Venir. The project investigates and challenges the diversity and inclusion practices in the museum head on. The first edition of WHY AM I HERE? took place at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven. For more info on this project, click here


Julius offers training around inclusionary and diversifying processes in the museum and the workplace, focused on LGBTQIA+ topics. He also gives lectures, seminars and interviews regarding several trans topics, one of which is challenging the existing narrative surrounding transgender representation in the media and the importance of involving trans individuals in decision making practices. For questions, interviews, training or advice, click here.


Julius spends the rest of his time in the studio creating commissioned photography and film productions. He shoots portraits and fashion campaigns and captures events of all sorts on film. Have plans? To get in touch, click here.

Selected exhibitions

Van Abbemuseum, TENT, Showroom MAMA, Museum Arnhem, Collectie de Groen, Feminist Art Festival Amsterdam, Amsterdam Museum, ExpoPLU, Minut Init, Transcreen Filmfestival

Selected publications

Mister Motley, DAFNE magazine, Volkskrant, VPRO Gids, Grote Kunstkalender, Radio 1, BNN VARA, Brainwash Festival

Selected clients

ArtEZ University of the Arts, REDKEN, HAN University of Applied Sciences, MAISON the FAUX, Stefanie Janssen, Berend Brus, ISH – dance collective, ArtEZ Studium Generale