Julius Thissen is a visual artist, curator and gender activist. Julius’ main themes are the questioning of (gender)identity and diversity in Western society. By the use of masculine stereotypes he explores gender roles in modern day performance culture and the influence of social expectations on our behavior. With his work he aims to create narratives that investigate performing, representation and failure. His work has been nominated for the Hendrik Valk Price, Arnhemse Nieuwe and the Warsteiner Blooom Awards.

In 2017 Julius received the Stipendium for Emerging Artists from the Mondriaan Fund.

|| Publications, exhibitions and clients ||

Van Abbemuseum, Amsterdam Museum, TENT Rotterdam, Showroom MAMA, Transcreen Filmfestival, Volkskrant, DAFNE Magazine, VPRO Vrije Geluiden, MAISON the FAUX, VPRO 2DOC, VPRO Gids, Mister Motley, Museum Arnhem, ParapluFabriek , Alicia Framis, GLIMP!, Anya Janssen, HAN University of Applied Sciences, EXPOPLU, Raffia