Shortly after Julius started to work as an artist and curator in 2015, he found that there was a lack of diversity in the Dutch creative industry. As a member of the trans community, this sparked Julius his interest and need to start researching inclusionary and diversifying processes in the museum and the workplace, mainly focused on LGBTQIA+ topics. Julius has organised several community based research projects and exhibitions, bringing together intersectional groups of researchers and artists, focused on improving inclusion and the development of valuable tools to do so.

Combining knowledge and personal experiences from these communities, he gives lectures, workshops and offers made to measure advice on how to actively work towards inclusion in the museum or the workplace.

His research mainly regards trans topics, one of which is challenging the existing narrative surrounding transgender individuals and their representation.

One of his main goals is to get museums familiar with the importance of involving a diverse group of individuals in decision making and employment practices to ultimately work towards an inclusive cultural sector, together.

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