Studio Julius Thissen

A Gentle Decompression

The twelve-part photo series A Gentle Decompression is the result of a two-year visual research into mental health. In these series, Thissen relates to themes such as memory, care, vulnerability, friendship, nostalgia and trauma. ‘Mental health is a central theme in my life and as I discovered, also in my work. Within this series I have tried to investigate what makes this theme complex, avoided, emancipatory and vital. For this series, Thissen collaborated with Joris Suk (costume design) Marloes Dadswell (garment development) Zhizhong Keene (graphic design) Baba Pokomasse and Suzie Jean (tattoo).

This project was made possible thanks to the generous support from the Mondriaan Fund and Stroomversneller Arnhem.

Baryta prints on aluminium in wooden frames – sizes range between 60 x 80 cm and 75 x 100 cm – 2021

As seen at Unfair ’22, Nederlands Fotomuseum, CBK ZUIDOOST, Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, The Ulay Foundation