Studio Julius Thissen


Bear No Name (2022) was created especially for the exhibition For What It’s Worth at Garage Rotterdam. The work is a subtle sequel to an older work: A Conventional Commodity (2018) A film which examines the stereotype of the Western businessman, the self-made man. In this new work, Thissen reflected in particular on the tension between alleged autonomy and anonymity within this archetype. The traditional men’s costume is often considered a symbol of male power. Thissen wonders: how was this power and status acquired and at whose expense? The photo shows Thissen in an alienating pose; they almost seems to disappear in the costume, and it seems as if they are metaphorically turning their back on this old-fashioned symbolic and harmful cultural value of the men’s costume.

Registration pictures by Aad Hogendoorn

Baryta print on aluminium in wooden frame – 75 x 100 cm – 2022

As seen at the Ulay Foundation Ljubljana, Garage Rotterdam and Unfair ’22 Amsterdam