Studio Julius Thissen

For Us To See

The intimate trans erotica series, For Us To See, originated from loving conversations between Julius and two dear friends, Suus and Laurent. This series investigates the border areas between intimacy, eroticism, sexual autonomy and privacy. In the conversations prior to shooting, they reflected upon several experiences and thoughts on (mainly) desirability and visibility as transgender and queer individuals.

They talked about their experiences with pungent and unwanted curiosity of cisgender folk, aggressive medicalization of their personal stories, the lack of visibility of diverse trans masculine people, bodies and shapes in the media. Next to that, they had in depth conversations about confidence, gender euphoria and their bodies and which aspects and features they find desirable. Thissen decided to enhance and celebrate exactly those.

Baryta print on aluminium in wooden frame – 60 x 80 cm – 2020