Studio Julius Thissen

Watch It Collapse: Old Money Never Dies

Watch It Collapse is the umbrella title for a two-year research into trans and queer visibility in relation to the dystopian political nature of our times. The first chapter, titled “Old Money Never Dies” shows three characters, that tell a story about trans visibility in relation to capitalist models. We have “Max”, a young trans masculine influencer. “Old Money”, an anonymous, power hungry businessman from a wealthy family. And lastly “The Unbearables”, a post apocalyptic transgender entity that rises from the ashes of the collapse of that very system.All characters raise the question of who benefits from queer campaigns and trans influencers; is it also in favour of queer visibility, or just for capitalist gain?

Watch It Collapse: Old Money Never Dies was on show as a solo exhibition at Platform P–OST in Arnhem in 2023. To find out more, read the interview with Julius and curator Youri Appelo. 

Baryta prints on aluminium in wooden frames – sizes range between 60 x 80 cm and 75 x 100 cm, car dashboard sculpture, scent sculpture, sound scape, leather costume.